Moving Away From a Vegetarian Diet

Perception is a funny thing. For fifteen years I have been a semi-strict vegetarian. Yes I ate seafood (who doesn’t love sushi?) and yes I very occasionally ate a big juicy steak or mega-Kega prime rib. But for the most part, I was a vegetarian.

Steak Dinner

Over those fifteen years I have had innumerable people question my choice to be vegetarian. The most frequent comment has been, “I guess you really have to watch how you eat to get proper nutrition seeing as you are a vegetarian.”

No need to worry about whether I am watching my diet anymore my friends! I am no longer a strict vegetarian.

Actually, I can’t say I am a vegetarian at all anymore.

My new meat-eating lifestyle is great; Monday on the way to work I stop and get a Sausage McMuffin from the McDonalds. I have that and a two hashbrowns and an extra large coffee with five cream and five sugar.

On Tuesday I sneak away from work to a nearby Triple O-To-Go and have two of their burger specials. I usually only eat one set of fries while using the two sides gravy.

Wednesday on my way home from work I stop at Costco and get one slice of the All-Meat Pizza and a Polish Sausage Hotdog.

Thursday I stop at my favourite barbecue house, The Ranch BBQ, in Sapperton, New Westminster. They make me up a mean pulled pork sandwich with a side of shaved brisket on baked beans.

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork

Friday’s I stop into Burger Burger in New Westminster and have a double meat patty with bacon and a slice of ham burger with a side of poutine. Admittedly their poutine is not very traditional, but I enjoy the extra side of beef gravy they always provide me.

Saturday is family day in our house so I just roll with the family mood.

Save-On-Meats Brekkie
Save-On-Meats Brekkie

Sunday I sneak away early in the morning and go to Save-On-Meats and have a special-made-for-me only medium rare 6 ounce rib eye steak with two eggs over-easy and extra sides of bacon, sausage and grilled meatloaf. Of course this meal comes with their superb in-house made bread and hash-brown potatoes.

So that is a brief description of my typical week’s diet. Of course I will subsititute the KFC Double-Down Burger for other burgers when the Double-Down is in season, but you get the idea. I have fully embraced the meat-eating lifestyle.

The great thing is, now that I am not a vegetarian, nobody comments on me having to be very careful about watching my diet. I am so happy that my new meat-eating habit has taken all that worry away from my friends.






3 responses to “Moving Away From a Vegetarian Diet”

  1. Tamara Avatar

    But watch out for all those whole grains, brocolli, carrots, apples, bananas, spinach, nuts, berries, fresh yogurt, hard cheese and eggs….that shit’ll kill ya!

  2. Laura Avatar

    You don’t do anything half way do you?? 🙂

  3. marilyn Avatar

    Stacey you always come up with something to get our attention …. I do not for a minute believe you are eating this way !!!