Mr Ho’s Wonton House

Rather than go to Chong Qing on Kingsway, our usual Chinese food place, we decided to make a change and try Mr Ho’s Wonton House down Kingsway near Sperling Ave.

In order to get an idea of what their food is like, we ordered quite a number of dishes. And I have to say, one thing I do NOT like when I am in a restaurant is a server “chastising” me for the amount of food I am ordering. I always order many dishes so that I can sample a variety of the menu. So what if I am ordering enough for a large family? I will happily carry the leftovers home! Anyway, other than the servers continuously gasping at what we ordered, the service was very friendly and welcoming.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Hot and Sour Soup

We started with a small bowl of Hot and Sour soup. I didn’t get a picture of the main bowl because as fast as the server set it down she was dishing it into idividual bowls. Oh well. The Hot and Sour soup was a total hit for flavour.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Chicken Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce

As far our next favourite dish, the deep fried chicken ball with sweet and sour sauce were on task. Very tender chicken bits that although they were deep fried were not greasy at all. Loved these little balls of goodness!

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Sichuan Style Long Green Beans

Next on the top dish list were the Sichuan Style Long Green Beans. I love ultra crisp green beans and wow, did these hit the mark. Wonderful.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Ginger Beef

The Szechuan Ginger Beef was another “I’ll order that again” dish. Crispy bits of beef with absolute flavour bursts. Loved this one.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Special Fried Rice Noodles

The final dish that we really loved was the Special Fried Rice Noodles. Although they were yellowed with curry, the curry was not overwhelming. In fact, I would have liked a stronger curry hit. The shrimp that were in the dish were beautifully plump and had a nice firm mouth feel as I bit into them. I would order this again but I would ask for it to be spicier.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
Stir Fried Snap Peas

A dish that deserves an honourable mention is the Stir Fried Snap Peas. Once again they were cooked nicely with a perfect snap to the bite. I was just underwhelmed by the boring plating and lack of any flavour. When I dug into the dish I did find lots of chopped garlic that improved the flavour, but overall, meh.

Mr Ho's Wonton House
General Chu’s Chicken

The final dish that was a total hit was the General Chu’s Chicken. We loved the fact that it came in a basket woven from crispy taro root. Although the chicken was full of flavour, it was the taro root “basket” that we all enjoyed devouring!

So for the bottomline – we will definitely be returning to Mr Ho’s Wonton House. The food was well flavoured, beautifully presented, with friendly and welcoming service although I do not appreciate being chastised for ordering more items than the server thinks I should.

And the fact is, we had enough leftovers for three of us to have lunches the next day!!

Mr Ho’s Wonton House is located at 6731 Kingsway in Burnaby. You can also call Mr Ho’s Wonton House for take-out; 604-540-6746.