Mustard and Preventing Leg Cramps

This blog post isn’t so much about food as it is about how I use a certain for preventing leg cramps.

But to back up a little, I used to get excruciatingly painful leg cramps. Leg cramps that made me hop around in agony as I tried to stretch to get the cramp out of my leg. They would be particularly painful in the middle of the night.

I had tried nearly everything in my attempts at preventing leg cramps; I took mineral supplements with calcium and magnesium. I ate bananas. I drank water and I avoided alcohol.

However, if I spent a day working in the garden or working outside on the family cabin, particularly on a hot summer day, and I drank a bottle of beer or a glass of wine in the evening, I was almost guaranteed a night time horror of leg cramps.

Leg cramps that caused me to stagger around in the dark of the night in my feeble attempts to get the cramp out of my leg. Excruciating.

No more.

So, what is my solution to the agony I used to experience? Mustard!


Any mustard! Yellow mustard like you get on your ballpark hotdog or Dijon mustard. Any mustard!

My new system – go out and play all day. Work in the sun and get dehydrated. Drink a cool beer in the heat of the day and a glass of red wine in the evening. And then the magic – just before I go to sleep, I go to fridge with a spoon, fill it with mustard and eat it.

Yep, a spoon full of mustard. A spoonful of mustard prevents me from getting leg cramps!!

If perchance I do get a leg cramp during the evening or later in the night I reach into my bedside table, grab a package of yellow mustard and slurp it back. Within minutes the cramps completely disappear.

Mustard. Who would have thought.