My Blogging Philosophy

I recently received an email from one of my readers asking me why the majority, if not all of my blog posts, are positive in nature and often recommendations for the places that I go to.

Creme Caramel - Random Picture
Creme Caramel – Random Picture

They went on to ask if I am paid to write blog posts for the restaurants or foodie places that I write about.

The fact is, I do not get paid by businesses and I do not expect to get paid by businesses. Nor do restaurants give me product to influence what I say about them in my blog posts. In fact, many restaurant or foodie shop owners do not even know that I am a food blogger when they meet me.

My philosophy has always been to write about the places and the foods that I enjoy and would like to go back to with my friends.

If a place is marginal or not worth visiting again, I don’t bother writing a blog post about it. There are too many great food experiences in our city and region to enjoy; why bother dwelling on the losers?

Of course that is unless a place is so bad that I believe it is a danger to society, then I might write a little thing about it to let people know how bad it really is. Fortunately I have never run across a place like that. Yet.

So whether I post my little disclosure notice at the bottom of a blog post or not (I often just forget) typically, if I am going on about a place that I’ve eaten at or a food that I’ve eaten (like the crickets I ate) then it is because I really enjoyed it and I would like my friends, that includes you, to benefit from the experience as well.