My Cure for Insomnia

Something I haven’t talked about before is the fact that for quite some time I have been suffering experiencing insomnia. This is something I haven’t really talked a lot about. But now I have a cure for insomnia.

Every night at almost exactly 3 AM I wake up. Like literally, at 3am I would wake up. Wide awake.

It used to be that I would wake up and sometimes I would stay awake until the morning. The worst days, well, the worst nights, were when I would fall back asleep at five or 5:30 in the morning. Just before my morning alarm would go off.

However I am better now. I now sleep through the night!

Well, I actually still wake up most nights around three. I have no idea why. But the good news is I now have a trick that helps me get back to sleep almost immediately. A “trick” that I heard about it on the CBC radio show Now or Never.

Basically, if you wake up in the night or if you are trying to get to sleep, close your eyes and imagine what your dream house looks like. And then start building it n your head – don’t get out of bed and start pounding nails – “build” your dream house in your mind.

I typically start designing the kitchen of my dream house. I picture a big beautiful window right over the kitchen sink – a window that looks out to the south and maybe another window on the east wall – just to my my left as I stand at the kitchen sink making coffee in the morning. Gives a beautiful view of the rising morning sun.

Then I start imagining the dining room – my dream house has an open floor plan so “dining room” will be a big farmhouse style table just off the kitchen. And then I begin to wonder what kind of window I would have in the dining room to allow in natural light.

And strangely enough that’s as far into developing and building my dream house as I ever get! I typically fall asleep before I get past the dining room. Sometimes I fall asleep while trying to figure out where the fridge would go in my dream house.

While I typically fall asleep at this point, the person on Now or Never said that if she’s having a hard time getting to sleep she will continue planning her dream house and then continue with the neighbourhood.

Honestly, I’ve never been able to get past the dining room or the great room in my dream house! I just fall asleep! It’s wonderful.

In fact, this cure for insomnia that I have discovered is so effective that sometimes if I do wake up at three I will start planning my house from the opposite end! I start imagining what the entranceway would look like and what the living room part of the great room would look like. However, this technique is so effective that I haven’t yet got to the point where I’ve been planning or imagining what the bathroom will look like.

Never mind what the rest of the neighbourhood might look like!

I still wake up most nights around 3 but at least now I have a cure for insomnia and I am able to get back to sleep relatively quickly. And I have a dream house that my thoughts can live in!