My Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel Visit

I recently had reason to spend the night at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel. Just for clarity, I have to say that the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel is not in Delta or Vancouver or actually at the Vancouver airport although it is quite close.

When I entered the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel I walked into a lobby that really seems to lack a design rationale. I can’t put my finger on it but the design just seems odd. The front desk check-in counter is deep inside the lobby and off to the left. Honestly, I do not know what it is about the lobby design that puzzles me but it does. I can get over it though.

As soon as I entered the doors the Bell Hop asked if I needed a hand with my luggage. I had him keep my bags at his desk while I went over and checked in.

The check-in process for returning customers is smooth. The people behind the counter are polite and very professional even though I was standing there looking like an astronaut in my motorcycle wet weather gear. Within a couple of minutes I have my room “key” in my hand and I am on my way up to the fourth floor.

The room “key” is one of those cards that you swipe to get into the room. It is important to remember to not put the room key in a pocket near your Blackberry case because doing so renders the card useless and you have to return to the front-desk to get a replacement card.

One of the benefits of being a “member” of a rewards program is that you tell them what you like and they remember. So when I stay in Richmond, BC I do not want to be above the fourth floor in any building. Just me being cautious.

I go up to my room and enter. Odd, there in the hallway in the room is a little fridge. It looks quite out of place. Walk further in and see why there is a little fridge in my room.

Complimentary cheese plate
Complimentary cheese plate

There is enough brie, swiss and cheddar cheese on the complimentary welcome plate that I will need to refrigerate the leftovers. Very thoughtful and appreciated. The note beside the cheese plate states that the management of the hotel understands that we all have choices of where we stay and they appreciate me staying at the Delta. Cool thing is the postcard is personalized with my name on it. A little detail that I like.

The room is perfectly clean and perfectly appointed. Two double beds with three pillows each.

Delta Airport Inn Room
Delta Airport Inn Room

I like the three pillows per bed. When I stayed at the Hyatt in Vancouver there were far too many pillows on the beds. I counted something like fifteen pillows in the room. Ridiculous. Three per bed is perfect.

The linens felt so lovely on my exhausted body! I suppose anything would feel luxurious after sleeping on 180 thread count sheets at home. Well my home bed linens are not exactly that bad, but, the hotel sheets do feel lovely.

Another thing I particularly like about the Delta are the bathrooms.

Delta Vancouver Airport Bathroom
Delta Vancouver Airport Bathroom

They are spotlessly clean and perfectly equipped. I like the way that the towels and extar boxes of tissues are stacked below the sink. It feels welcoming.

A minor annoyance I have about the bathroom is the toilet lid and seat.

Delta Vancouver Airport Toilet
Delta Vancouver Airport Toilet

If you look closely, the lid and the toilet bowl seal very nicely. Meaning it feels like you have to spend too much time with your hands around the toilet bowl to lift the lid or the seat. A minor annoyance sure, but it certainly kept me conscientious about washing my hands after using the toilet.

And speaking of annoyances, you have to pay for wireless internet if you want to use it in your room. When I travel in the summer we often stay in Best Western hotels or the Holiday Inn. Both of these establishments provide free wireless in rooms. A minor annoyance I suppose.

Overall, I love staying at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel. The staff are friendly and helpful, the rooms are clean and, in spite of being so close to the Vancouver airport, inside the hotel there is no evidence of the planes that are frequently flying overhead. I look forward to my next stay at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel.

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  1. Love the Delta Hotel Airport! They recently re-opened Pier 73 (which used to be their old restaurant, can’t recall the name). They are SO excited about the reopening!

  2. I love the feeling of quality in the hotel but I always feel so trapped there when I am staying there. The reality is that it is only five minutes to go across the Arthur Laing and get to Marpole for some great little shops (LOVE Ragnar’s!!) and little eateries. I didn’t get a chance to eat in Pier 73 because the place was jammed with conference attendees but I look forward to trying the new menu.

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