My Minute Rice Giveaway

To help celebrate the Minute Rice webcast that I “attended” last week, Minute Rice have provided me with a couple free boxes of their instant rice to cook and taste at home. They have also agreed to provide one of my blog followers with a case of Minute Rice!!

Minute Rice
Minute Rice

There are just a few simple things for you to do to enter the contest to win a case (12 boxes) of Minute Rice 100% Natural Instant Rice (value of $60).

First, in a comment on THIS blog post tell me what you like to eat with your rice. Simple.

In the same comment that you make on THIS blog post you also have to pick a number between one and 500 and add that number to your comment on this blog post.

Third, you will need to provide me with an email address at which I can contact you. It would be helpful if you also put your name in there.

You DO NOT need to add your email address to the comment you are posting- it only needs to be in the form that you fill out in order to post a comment.

I will not be spamming you; under no circumstances will you be added to any email list from me or any other organization if you supply me with your email address. The only reason I’m asking for an email address is so that I can contact the winner of this giveaway to figure out how to get the case of Minute Rice 100% Natural Instant Rice to the winner of this contest/giveaway.

Only entries that have completed all three of these requirements will be eligible to win.

It is up to you to scan or read the comments before you choose a number to make sure you have not chosen a number that somebody has already chosen ahead of you. If two or more people enter with the same number and that number is the winning number, then the person who entered first will be the winner.

If there is no exact match to the number I draw then the next closest number (higher or lower) will be declared the winner.

I will limit this contest-giveaway to one entry per email address.

This contest will close on Wednesday May 13th 2015 at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time. Shortly after the contest closes I will use an iPad app that will generate a random number to find a winner.

After a winner has been decided I will contact the winner through the email address that they have provided me.

The winner will be required to answer a skill-testing question.

Good luck!!

Apologies in advance, this contest is only open to residents of Canada who are 19 years of age or more. 



  1. I love to eat my rice with a good pot roast with lots of gravy. Or just plain rice with balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper.

    I choose #155

  2. I like to eat my rice with sweet & sour sauce, or in stuffed peppers 🙂

    I choose number 98

  3. I love to make rice with black beans, cilantro, salsa and cheese.
    My #: 218.

  4. Nothing compliments rice better than a topping of Hungarian Goulash/Shredded Cheese/Oregano flakes & Chilies *HOT*.


    Eva Mitton-Urban

  5. Fried rice is one of my fav ways to serve rice with tons of veggies and chicken ?

    • Marilyn – the number needs to be between 1-500. Feel free to enter again.

  6. We eat a lot of rice. We especially like serving different stir fry dishes over rice. #237

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