My missing opposing digits and some random observations

I finally figured out why I have such difficulty changing the twins diapers and also getting the girls dressed. If you look at the picture you will understand my difficulties.
My missing opposing digit
My missing opposing digit
Never mind the difficult I will be having with getting the twins dressed, tomorrow I am on my own with them. There might be an entertaining post tomorrow night.
As well, it is so cool to see Story’s two front teeth. They are getting bigger all the time and she has this silly little grin. It is so adorable. Annalie’s front teeth are laso coming in. They have broken through the gums and are pushing upwards.
Story is full on mobile in the house now. She is now able top propel herself forward. Her favourite destination? The shelf under the television where a stack of DVDs are stored. We have to look at the differently now. Annalie will be mobile in the next couple of days. You can see her dig in her toes and move her hands in front of her as she tries to figure out how to move. She will be moving around the house in Story’s wake any day now.
Fun times ahead. I think things are going to change around here.

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  1. ya right you con!!!

    besides your bull- neat blog!
    Never thought of you getting so babyfied!!!

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