My New Shaving Equipment

Today we have another blog post from Christmas (you know things are backed up on the blog posting front when…)

New Shaving Gear
New Shaving Gear

I like to use quality shaving equipment and I was growing sick and tired of buying plastic razors with ever-increasing numbers of blades (how long is it until we have the ten blade razor?). I was also growing more than a little sick of the cost of buying plastic razors that you use a few times and then throw in the trash.

So this Christmas I told Santa that what I really wanted was a trip back to the past. I wanted a new double-edge safety razor, platinum razors, shaving soap, and a badger hair brush.

As always, Santa delivered. And seeing as Santa does not have elves to make many of the things that grown-ups want, I helped him out by going online and finding the new shaving equipment myself.

That is how I happened upon Fendrihan; For the Man of Distinction.

I ordered my Wool Fat Shaving Soap, my Col Ichabod Conk Bay Rum shaving soap, and a Merkur 34C double-edge razor. Almost immediately an email popped into my inbox saying the order would be processed and shipped out the next morning.

Then I realized that I had forgotten to add a badger hair shaving brush to my order. So I replied to the email asking if they could add in a badger hair brush and again, the response was almost immediate; go ahead and order it and make a note in the order that I wanted it shipped with the rest of the order. I love the “no problem” response!!

So how do I like shaving now that I have thrown aside the disposable blades? I love it.

It is a fabulously close and comfortable shave that leaves my skin feeling alive.

Post shave
Post shave

Here is how it looks right after a shave. But the best part?






Here is how it FEELS after a shave.


After Shave Feeling
After Shave Feeling


I love the ritual of using “old fashioned” equipment like my new Merkur double edge razor. But the best part? The top quality razor blades I use cost less than fifty cents each (cheaper in larger batches) and they give me an amazing shave.

Another great Christmas experience.


Disclosure; the shaving equipment I have described above was purchased at full retail price by myself. NO financial or other form of incentive was provided by Fendrihan to me for writing this blog post. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain full editorial control.

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