My Top Five Customer Service Wins in Kaua’i

This is my final blog post on our recent trip to the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. It is a look at some of the businesses that impressed me with the service or food they provide to their customers.

First on the list is the valet parking service at the Sheraton in Poi’pu.

The Sheraton
The Sheraton

These guys treated us with total respect and professionalism. They gave us the millionaire treatment every time we saw them. The Sheraton has done a great move in hiring top notch valet people.

Next on my list of top-hits is the drive-in called Duane’s Ono Char Burgers.

Ono Char Burger
Ono Char Burger



Absolutely the best tasting burger I have ever tasted. Bar none. Unbelievably delicious teriyaki burgers with cheddar cheese. Tops. Absolutely.

Next up for memorable people and service is, no surprise here, another foodie place, Chicken in a Barrel.

Chicken in a Barrel
Chicken in a Barrel


Barbecue chicken, pork and beef. Barbecued in a 45 gallon drum. How cool is that.

And the owners are the coolest people ever. On Christmas Day they served a full on turkey dinner to more than 400 people. For free. Tops again.

Next up is Nana’s Babysitting Service. On three of our days on Kaua’i we had booked a babysitting service. I am not comfortable leaving my little angels with people I do not know, however, from the minute that “Nanny Sharon” walked into our rented condo, I felt safe and comfortable. And perhaps more importantly, our girls were comfortable with Nanny Sharon. Tops. Absolutely.

Another hit for me was Naturally Birkenstock.

Naturally Birkenstock
Naturally Birkenstock

I went into this shop looking to buy a new pair of Birkenstocks or sandals of some sort because my Keen sandals were showing their age.

As it turns out, April Kaulukukui, the woman who owns the shop took one look at my Keens and told me that all I needed to do was replace the laces in my Keens and she then GAVE me a free pair of laces.

My Keens felt like brand new shoes with the new laces. 100% tops, super people.

Although we had countless positive experiences while visiting Kaua’i, the one not so positive experience was the fact that three of the four of us got sick on the second to last day of our trip. We had to check out of the Grand Hyatt at noon and our flight did not leave Kaua’i until 8pm. We needed somewhere to just rest and chill out.

The tiny little Garden Island Inn was where we found respite. They were very understanding of our situation and let us use a very comfortable room for the afternoon. We were able to rest and let our girls sleep in the afternoon while we waited for our plane to depart. Absolutely, 100% tops. Fabulously kind people.

As I said, we had many, many positive experiences while visiting Kaua’i. All the hotels we stayed at were welcoming. All the staffs were professional and helpful. All the food was delicious and all the beaches were fabulous. All the people were friendly and helpful. However, the Garden Island Inn, Naturally Birkenstock, Nanny Sharon, Chicken in a Barrel, the Sheraton valet crew and Duane’s Ono-Char Burger were the tops of the tops.






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