My Tour of the Vancouver Filson Store

Earlier this week I was invited to a wine tasting event at Vancouver’s Filson store in Gastown. While taking the time to taste the 1000 Stories Zinfandel wine, I took the time to thoroughly tour and drool over the amazing variety of goods that Filson has in their store.

As well as admiring all the beautifully crafted durable goods in the Vancouver Filson store I couldn’t stop myself from dreaming of “gearing up” and heading out for an expedition in the great woods of the Pacific Northwest. Their gear is what dreams are fueled by.

I did manage to get some photos which I have turned into a short video so that you can have a tour of the Filson store. Enjoy.

Another note about the 1000 Stories Zinfandel – the rep told me that they call this wine a “throwback-style” of wine because it is aged in bourbon barrels like many California wines were in the very early days of wine-making in California. At $30 a bottle it is not cheap wine but I found it to be a very enjoyable, full-bodied wine. I will be buying more of this!

Disclosure: while I did enjoy a couple glasses of wine compliments of the brand rep from 1000 Stories Wine, I was NOT compensated for this blog post or video by the wine brand nor the Filson store. As always, editorial control of what is added to my blog belongs to me.