My Trusted Pho Joints

Rather than write about and describe restaurants as “must try” places, I realized that it is more accurate to describe the places as “trusted” places. After all, they are not necessarily places you must-try, they are simply places that I or my friends have tried and found to be places that you too can trust.

The first pho place that I will add to my trusted list is Pho Maxima.


Excellent pho – a deep and flavourful broth filled with many very thinly sliced pieces of beef brisket and tiny slices of green onion. Under the slices of brisket, were the noodles. Cooked beyond al dente but far from mushy.

For less than seven dollars for a “small” bowl of soup, Pho Maxima serves up a perfect comfort. I will definitely be returning to Pho Maxima when I am in need of another bowl of pho. A great addition to my “trusted” places list.

Pho Maxima is located at 822 20th Street, New Westminster.
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