National Pizza Day

Enjoy National Pizza Day

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February 9th is National Pizza Day and that got me thinking; is there any food as perfect as pizza? Pizza. Basically bread, tomato paste or sauce, veggies, sometimes meat, and always cheese. Don’t even try to tell me it is “unhealthy”.

Pizza. The perfect food.

A slice of pizza; perfect for lunch or an after school snack.

Late getting home from work? Pick up a pizza on the way or slide a frozen pizza pie in the oven. Dinner is ready in 20 minutes and the kids think you’re the best.

Even better, if you pick up a few pizza shells on the way home and let the kids build their own pizzas, they – the kids, not the pizzas – have a load of fun as they make their own meals.

Sure you might have to do the clean up later, but getting a meal of their own-making into them, that’s a parenting win.

Pizza. The perfect food.

However, while we can all agree that pizza is a perfect food, … just go ahead and ask, people, “what do you think of pineapple on pizza?”

People go apoplectic over this discussion!

It really is the strangest thing. The “anti-pineapple people” will pull out the historical record of where and when pizza was created and point out that there is no way that ANYBODY in Naples or ANYWHERE in Italy would dare put pineapple on pizza and blah, blah, blah.

The fact is, over the last 1000 years – yes, 1000 years! pizza has changed. A lot. Just look at some of the images of pizza – how about a stir-fry pizza!

Or a pizza with chunks of sausage and barbecue sauce. How about slices of eggplant and sweet red peppers on your pizza?

Honestly, no matter what you think should or should not go on pizza, we can all agree, pizza is the best and most perfect food. Right? And yes, pineapple does belong on pizza. Same with smoked salmon – if that is what you want!

Enjoy a slice of pizza on National Pizza Day!