Needles, pain associations, H1N1 and mice

A couple of things this evening. We took the twins into the Fraser Health office where they received their six month shots. These will apparently protect them from diseases like diphtheria, smallpox, tetanus, hepatitis A or B or C or D or whatever it does. They get one massive needle deep into the thigh tissue that makes the little ones screw up their faces and scream like they have have just been stabbed in the leg tissue with a needle. Horrible to see them go through this. I asked why they do not rub the skin with a freezing ointment pre-injection and was told that the freezing stuff is believed to counteract the stuff that is being injected into the leg tissue. It just sucks to see that kind of pain being expressed on your kids face. I make damn sure that the kid I was holding had a good look at the nurse’s face when the shot went in. I don’t want them having my face in their memory associated with that kind of pain. The nurse can wear that one.

I refused the H1N1 shot for the girls though. The nurses did their damndest to get us to allow them to stab the twins with another needle but I held firm. I would not relent because I just do not trust the H1N1 shot enough to allow them to inject my precious little princesses.

On another health care note, this evening I went over to the hospital where they continue to hold my dad. As soon as you step on the elevator to go up to the ward where he is the smell of shit fills your nostrils. And then when it opens on the floor where he is, the smell hits you like you have just stepped into a shithouse at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival. Un-fucking-believable.

And then the topper on the evening with my dad? We are sitting in the “Garden Lounge” watching the Canucks game and we see a mouse come out from behind the television and scurry down the hall. Welcome to the hospital where my dad is being held. Disgusting.