Neighbour Gets a New Fence and a Visit from Fortis Gas and…

See this pretty new fence? How much do you think it would cost to have a fence like this built?

New Fence and Turf
New Fence and Turf

There was probably not a whole lot of profit for the contractor¬†in this lawn and fence install job. And why is that you ask? Because he forgot to do that “Call Before You Dig” thing.

The result, on Sunday morning, along with the lawn and fence install crew, there were three fire trucks, two ambulances, four police cars and two Fortis Gas trucks.

Yep, they forgot to call before they dug and they ripped up the gas line going into the house.

Just to save you the embarrassment and a potential financial disaster, all you have to do is Call Before You Dig. Have a look at their website, BC One Call for more information or just Call Before You Dig; 1-800-474-6886

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