New Single Application for Newborn Birth Certificates and MSP

You remember what it was like when you first brought your baby, or in our case, babies home? Especially if it was your first baby, the stress was intense. At least for us it was. We didn’t know whether we were coming or going for the first few days. All we could think about was trying to get the boobies to work and get the twins slurping up that mommy milk.

And then you have to start thinking about paperwork…register their birth to get birth certificates, register for MSP, Extended Health benefits, apply for Social Insurance Numbers, Child Tax Credit and so much more. It seemed like so many pages of paperwork…times two because we had twins. And then the doctors were phoning because they were not yet registered for MSP and…my GAWD it was crazy.

Now my good buddy, the former security guard from Vancouver Shipyard, the Honourable Kevin Falcon, Minister of Health Services (what a title! must make his mom proud) has introduced what he calls common sense changes to allow BC parents of newborns to use a single application form to apply for a number of child benefits and services including MSP, the Canada Child Tax Benefit, Social Insurance Number and birth certificates.

So now instead of sweating the paperwork, you can enjoy those first full days and nights of having a baby in the house. More details at