My New Westminster Foodie Crawl

After my very successful foodie adventure in downtown Vancouver, I decided it would be fun to do a round-up of the places I like to eat while in New Westminster so I arranged all my client meetings from last week to be held in New Westminster eateries.

Let me begin by saying that there are many great places to eat while in New West and the places that I describe here are simply the places that I like to pop into now and then for a variety of lessons. I will also add that I paid for my meal at each place and the eateries did not know that I would be writing about the meal that I had at their joint.

Spud Shack Poutine
Spud Shack Poutine


All that being said, let’s begin with my “Gold Standards” for New West eateries.

For the best frites (or french fries) in New West (or Metro Vancouver in my opinion) I return to the Spud Shack. Located in the New West Skytrain station beside the movie theatre, these are the fries that all other fries strive to equal. Admittedly, the bowl in the picture is their poutine, but even their regular frites are amazing. Perfectly crisped on the outside. Perfection.


The Big Star Sandwich Co
The Big Star Sandwich Co



The next place I will go if I am in a bit of a hurry and only have time for a sandwich is the Big Star Sandwich Company on 12th Street just up from Fat City Tattoo.

The guys from Big Star told me they have an ancient dude under contract to make them the best corned beef this side of Montreal and I tend to agree.

Simply delicious. The meat is just salty enough to be delicious. And just as importantly, each bite is perfectly tender so that you can enjoy a mouthful without worrying about the entire slice of meat coming out of the sandwich in one piece. To balance out the salt in the corned beef there is a schmeer of mustard on the top slice of bread and a healthy spread of mayonnaise on the bottom.

While eating the sandwich I like to take a big bite a chunk out of the dill pickle. This is my Gold Standard to which all other sandwiches are compared.

And then we head down the hill to an unlikely place for a foodie to wander into, The Terminal Pub. Although you may not realize it from the location or the surrounding buildings, the interior of The Terminal has been renovated so that it is a very stylish room.

El Conquistador
El Conquistador

Earlier this week I held a client meeting in The Terminal and my clients were very impressed with the decor and with the food. Of special note, there are many menu options for people who require gluten free items. And I’m not just talking about salads.

If you want your burger served on a gluten free bun, they can make it happen.

I had the burger they call the El Conquistador. When it first arrives at the table it is simply stunning looking but then I realized that it was just two monster-sized onion rings inside the burger that made it so tall. Once they are removed it is just a huge burger.

Although the overall burger was very tasty, the burger patty was a tad too dense for my liking. I suppose I prefer the more homemade style patty like you would have at your mom and dad’s backyard barbecue. Let’s be clear though, it was an excellent burger package with the cheese and thick slices of bacon inside the bun.

And the fries were also very enjoyable. Not as perfect as the frites from Spud Shack but The Terminal’s were large fries, crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.

After The Terminal Pub I ventured over to what we used to call the New West Quay. That site has been rebranded into what we now call the River Market and it is a foodie’s haven. There are many food and restaurant options available in the River Market. I started at the classic burger joint, Wally’s Burgers.

Wally's Burger
Wally’s Burger

I’ve had their Chuckwagon Platter before (and enjoyed it) but did not feel like having a beef burger on this particular visit. Instead I went for the Chicken Cordon Bleu burger with a side of fries.

Wally’s Burgers serves up these fabulous burgers on what looks like an entirely inadequate white bread bun that you think will never hold together. Somehow they always do hold together though and you end up licking the little bits of burger goo off your fingers afterwards.

Swiss cheese and two awesome slices of back bacon really added to the deelish factor of the burger. However, I chose the $1 option to add a jalapeno poppers to my burger but I did not really notice any significant heat in the burger.

The kind of skimpy bag of fries were good. Not great, not bad, just passable-good.

Right around the corner from Wally’s is Re-Up BBQ. Southern style barbecue done up right.

I had another client meeting in New West and we decided to meet up at Re-Up BBQ. This suited my purposes quite nicely. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with two sides – an amazing buttermilk biscuit and a little Mason jar of black bean and corn chili.

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork

My pulled pork was excellent. Tender and tasty with none of that too-tough meaty mouth feel. Perfectly seasoned with their light sauce – be aware, there is none of that Texas-style super thick barbecue sauce stuff here – this is Carolina style with the vinegar sauce squirted all through it. My personal favourite barbecue style.

The handful of cabbage coleslaw on top of the pulled pork adds just the right counterpunch to the meaty flavours of the pulled pork. Once again the bun is heroic in holding the sandwich together while I munched away at it.

My lunch date had the beef brisket sandwich and he reported full satisfaction with his sandwich. The beef was tender enough that he did not have the pull-the-whole-load-out at one time problem.

Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket


As a side dish he had potato salad made from Russian blue potatoes. The one piece of potato I tried was just a tad undercooked. My lunch date devoured the salad and had no complaints about it though.

So these are just a few of the awesome places to eat in New Westminster. Other places I have enjoyed eating at in New West include the Sixth Street Grill, the Hide Out Cafe, Cockney King’s Fish and Chips, Burger Heaven and the River’s Reach Pub.

I have also just been informed by a nacho expert that the Paddlewheeler Pub at the Rivermarket has what she is calling the best nachos she has had in Metro Vancouver. All in all, it looks like I will be have to do a part two New West foodie adventure! Until then, enjoy your lunch!!







10 responses to “My New Westminster Foodie Crawl”

  1. Steve Avatar

    I’ve been to Wally’s, and it’s absolutely nothing special. And I can’t imagine what the fuss over Burger Heaven is. But I’ll definitely try the fries at New West Station, and the Big Star Sandwich Company.

    Meanwhile, try the Heritage Grill on Columbia, they’ve got great stuffed mushrooms.

  2. KJ Avatar

    Wally’s has great deep fried pickles for sure! I agree I have no idea what all the fuss is about Burger Heaven.

    Check out the Union Jack Pub behind the RBC on 6th – there food is great and reasonably priced. 🙂

  3.  Avatar

    No mention of Wild Rice here. It’s my go to place in new west. Always great food, great decor and a view of the river!

  4. Andy Avatar

    As someone else already noted, it’s criminal to do a write up of new west foods & not mention Wild Rice. Hands down the best food in town.

  5. jerry Avatar

    Wild Rice is soooo overrated … too salty and mostly for caucasians … not much real good places to eat at New West except Taverna’s Greek…

  6. Brian Avatar

    All good places (especially Big Star), but something you should check out if you haven’t yet is Begbie’s (next to Starbucks at Columbia & 6th). The menus is small, but EVERYTHING we’ve ever had there has been amazing. I personally love the Malibu Chicken Sandwich with the Hot Honey Lime Sauce. I often find myself there more than once in a day, strongly suggest checking them out.

  7. Rohan Avatar

    There are a lot of glaring omissions in your list.
    1) Long-tail kitchen at the River Market. It’s the best Thai food in the city. I’d go so far to say it’s some of the best Thai food in metro Van.
    2) Anny’s dairy bar. Fantastic poutine. Better than anything spud shack can offer.
    3) Pizza at The River’s Reach
    4) Donair Star on 12th
    5) Roti and Doubles at D Roti Shak

  8. Kathleen Avatar

    A few things to add, I also love the fries at Spud Shack – they are great! Wild Rice has the BEST spring rolls in the city, Thai New West in Sapperton is FANTASTIC, and if you are looking for a home style breakfast you can’t beat Coming Home Cafe on 6th street.

  9. Robin-Lynn Avatar

    Taqueria Playa Tropical at 334 Sixth Street is fantastic for Tacos and Mexican food. Thai New West on E.Columbia is great too.

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