New Year’s Resolutions. Sort Of. 

At the start of the new year many people make New Year’s Resolutions. I assume they do this for a variety of reasons but, I also assume they make resolutions in an effort to make themselves better people.

new year's eve
new year’s eve

I’ll be honest, I don’t do resolutions. Not because I don’t need to make myself better. I know that there are things about myself I need to work on but, I have never had much success with making ad sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

However, in an effort to make the world a better place I have resolutions or simple changes that you should make. And of course, I will attempt to adopt some of these changes as well.

First thing we can do to make the world a better place is to eat a vegetarian meal now and then. Simply give up meat for one meal.  Eating a plant based meal once a week will help make the world a better place.

Another thing you can do is to wear your jeans for a lot longer than you currently do without washing them.

There really is no need to wash jeans as often as we tend to do. You don’t even need to wash them once a week or every second week. True story, I’ve got a pair of jeans that I’ve owned for three years and I have worn them everyday for at least part of the day.

I have washed that pair of jeans three and I have given them three cold rinses. When you see me wearing those jeans you would never know it. They don’t stink. They don’t look dirty. And they are super comfortable.

You can’t even begin to imagine how much water I have saved the world by not washing those jeans.

The third thing you can do to make the world a better place is to NOT click on any Facebook link that says “AND YOU WON”T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!”

Typically things like that are Clickbait – a portal into a world of deceitful advertising that is full of advertising and scams and negativity that you really don’t need to expose yourself to. Don’t encourage these rubes and rascals. Ignore the clickbait.

And finally, the best thing you could do to make the world a better place is subscribe to my blog. All you have to do is go to the bottom of any of the things I post on the blog, write a comment and then click the “notify me of future posts” box. You know that this will make the world a better place.

That’s my list of new year’s resolutions or things to I will be doing to make the world a better place. Anything else you want to add to the list?


  1. First things first, one seldom takes on a “resolution” because they want to do that for themselves. It’s usually because somebody else thinks they “should” take on that resolution. For myself, I believe it’s a good time to ponder fresh intentions.
    Meatless Mondays are already well established in my domicile, so I’m with you on that one. After a heady weekend, it’s so easy. You don’t even have to think about the freezer, what to cook, how much time it takes and so on , the excuse is already in place…….Meatless Monday !!
    Another intention that I am going to work on is being more kind. I will go out of my way EVERY DAY to do something kind for someone. The world needs a lot more kindness. Be a little kinder to the person who is blinder……….

  2. My resolution is to try to be nicer to my spouse. I think most couples lavish lots of time and attention on their children, and overlook or take for granted one of the most important relationships they will ever have. We should all wake up and say one nice thing to our significant other. We can also reach out to our parents, best friends and/or grandparents as well!

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