My New Year’s Resolutions

Over the last two weeks I have read many blog posts and Facebook statuses about people’s New Year’s resolutions. My reading has prompted me to rethink my habit of not making New Year resolutions.

Live Laugh Love
Live Laugh Love

And as a result of my rethink, I have sort of made a set of resolutions.

The picture here captures those resolutions quite adequately:

I resolve to live more in the moment and fully appreciate and enjoy the trials and tribulations that I encounter.

I pledge to laugh more often and be a more enjoyable person to be around. (Yes, believe it or not, I am sometimes a little more grumpy than I need have to be.)

I also commit to expressing and showing my loved ones just how much I love them and appreciate having them in my life.

Although these “goals” are not really “SMART” goals (measurable etc), they are my goals for the coming year/years. They are simple to say and not so simple to live. However, this is my “work” for the coming years. To live, laugh and love.

Do you make resolutions? Care to share them? It is still free to leave comments here and they can be left anonymously if you are scared about me checking up on you.





2 responses to “My New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. marilyn Avatar

    Those are excellent goals not only for this year but forever . I do make resolutions each year .. sometimes I tell them and sometimes I don’t ; or perhaps I should say I tell half of them. My goal for so many years is to lose weight but what I publicly say is … I am aiming to walk so many times a week … that is true but the half truth !

  2. Olly Avatar

    I make my resolutions in the spring because that’s when I really feel like making positive changes. January is so cold and miserable. This spring I hope to add a more thorough commitment to being happy while staying focused where ever I happen to be.

    I like your resolutions. I will be checking up on you.