My Newest Leather Accessories

I am working my way through my writer’s block by simply sitting down at the desk and starting to write about the things I like to write. Today it will be the additions to my leather collection.

Koch Leather Coffee Cozy
Koch Leather Coffee Cozy


First, Josh from Koch Leather put together a very cool set of coffee cozies for me. In the picture to the left you can see one of the two coffee cozies. The cozies come with a vintage style jar that holds hot or cold beverages.

Personally, I only like to drink coffee from my porcelain mug so I have been using my Koch Leather cozy and vintage jar for water glass on my desk at work.

The stitching on the cozies is perfect. From what I see, Josh actually uses a punch to punch the holes through the leather before stitching thus making it a bit easier to get that perfectly perfect stitching done. Highly recommended.

The second piece of leather I have been carrying around lately is my new Moleskine notebook cover. This one, made by Roge at Baytowne Leather is made with a rustic pull-up leather so it is aging beautifully. As the leather moves from opening and closing it develops age lines that make it more and more attractive.

Baytowne Leather Moleskine
Baytowne Leather Moleskine

I will admit that at first I was a little uncomfortable with the pen loop on the front of the Moleskine cover seeing as I prefer a sleek, uncluttered look. But after a few days I realized that the pen holder is a very handy addition. Now when I carry my Moleskine notebook I have a pen right there, ready to use. Very handy and thoughtful. Highly recommend Roge for whatever your leather needs are seeing as he is very open to doing custom work.


The third piece of leather I have been “testing out is the Good Book from the Red Clouds Collective. This one is an iPhone case/wallet/notebook piece.

One of my dear friends from my leather-appreciators Facebook group actually purchased it from Red Clouds and found it did not suit her. I asked about her about it and next thing I know, she had sent it to me! How totally sweet is that?!

Anyway, I didn’t use it at first because I was so enamoured with the bamboo case I had purchased from I Make the Case (an etsy seller). However, I thought out of respect for my friend I should try it out.

The Good Book
The Good Book

The result? I LOVE it!! I makes it so much easier to use the iPhone, especially the camera or video function.

This one is machine stitched, but done beautifully. I have only been carrying it for about a week so it still looks and feels perfectly new.

The inside is pretty rough feeling leather and some of my friends are not impressed with that look. It is the type of leather that I love – thick and rustic enough to give you confidence in it lasting a lifetime (although the iPhone will not). Once again, highly recommended.

Now that my writer’s block seems to have been overcome, the next piece I am working on is a post about the devious plan I am developing to get me and my family back in the air. More to come on this idea next week.

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