No More Meat at Dixie’s

It’s interesting to me how occasionally the closure or the ending of some things hits me right in the “feels”.

An example of this is when Danny Finkelman’s show, Finkelman’s 45s ended on CBC radio. Hit me right in the feels.

293 Wallace

And then last year, 293 Wallace closed. That restaurant, located in Hope BC – a most unlikely location for such an adventurous kitchen- had become my “must stop and see what they are doing” place because of Chef Hiro Takeda’s adventurous and hyper-local approach to food.

Verbena Jelly Cheesecake

Chef/Owner Hiro and Executive Chef Brent Gillis closed 293 Wallace in part because of their success.

As anyone who works in the restaurant industry knows, the hours are gruelling and unrelenting – especially if you are preparing food that the people come from far and wide to try.

Anyway, I was very sad to see 293 Wallace close.

Meat at Dixie's

Which brings me to the latest restaurant to close. Meat at Dixie’s closed last night.

Meat at Dixie's

Meat at Dixie’s closed the front of the house, but will keep the smoker in the kitchen open as the commissary for Gringo, a “creative” taco shop located in Vancouver’s Gastown on Blood Alley.

Meat at Dixie's

Just like Danny Finkelman’s final show and the final dinner service at 293 Wallace, I made a point of being at Meat at Dixie’s last night.

And just like the final night of Finkelman’s 45s, and the final service at 293 Wallace, my final plate of brisket at Dixie’s was bittersweet. But still the best damn barbecue I’ve ever had.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see what they decide to do with the front part of the restaurant at Meat at Dixie’s.

Meat at Dixie's

For now, it is no more Meat at Dixie’s and no more brisket for me.