Okonomi Sushi in New Westminster

I needed a little something other than a sandwich for my early lunch today so I headed along 6th Street in uptown New Westminster until I got to Okonomi Sushi.

Each day they have a special something or another for 30% off the price and being a frugal type of guy, I could not resist trying today’s special, the Okonomi Special House Roll.

Okonomi Special House Roll
Okonomi Special House Roll

Imitation crab meat, cucumber, avocado AND bacon. Yes BACON!! And don’t forget the spicy tuna and salmon sashimi heaped on top of each slice of roll.

I have to say, the bacon works for the flavour it brings but it makes the sushi rolls tough to eat. This is not the kind of food you would want to eat on a date. Grab a couple extra napkins for this monster.

The roll is $8.95 regularly, but take away 30% and it just over $6.00. Amazing value.

Okonomi Sushi can be found at 620 6th Street, New Westminster. If you want to call ahead, reach them by phone at 778-397-1003.






2 responses to “Okonomi Sushi in New Westminster”

  1. Carla Avatar

    Bacon in sushi? No thanks.

  2. Peter Avatar

    While I am sure the sushi you indulged in was delicious, I have to say that the photo you have chosen to display here does not make your lunch look very appetizing.