On Valentine’s Day and Birthday Gifts

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day that men all over the world will eternally struggle with. All last week Wifey and I discussed today. The consensus was, as long as we are together with our twins, no need for gifts.

So early this morning we get up and Wifey starts looking around; “Where did ya hide them.” Ahh…that discussion we had? Crestfallen look, “Oh yeah, its okay…” Long pause. “I guess”.

I take Wee Jimmy out for her morning constitutional and see my neighbour in his housecoat running to his car. “Shit, my wife said not to get anything, we can just hang out and then I wake up to find a card on my bedside table. So I have to get out to the store and back before she wakes up.”

I got a ride with him to the local Shoppers Drugmart and it was a foot race to the chocolate aisle.

Which reminds me of Wifey’s last birthday. Being the romantic sort of guy I am, I typically buy diamond pendants or other assorted precious gems for my sweet-sweet love. Anything small and particularly shiny is considered good; being married to a Leo this is also appreciated. This year I thought, why not get her something practical. Something like a stainless steel French press for making coffee?

You might have thought I gave her a venereal disease with the ribbing (excuse the pun, if you noticed it) I get at any family get together. But you know, every morning after a sleepless night with the twins wailing away, the first thing she reaches for is that shiny French press. And I know that she appreciates that gift more than any other. Thankfully it is stainless steel so she has graciously informed that I will NEVER again have to get her a coffee pot for her birthday.