Our 100 Mile Diet Shrunk

First and Second Generation Radishes
First and Second Generation Radishes

Here are our first and second generation radishes. Each generation is planted seven days apart to prolong the early spring season of growing.

You can also see the beets (those red leafy things in the background) that were planted at the same time as the first generation of radishes.

Radishes grow to harvest readiness so quickly that I like to plant three generations of them long before anything else is ready.

Third Generation Radishes
Third Generation Radishes


My third generation of radishes are just poking their heads through the soil.

Radishes grow so quickly and have such a snappy flavour that they are a favourite for the rural gardener who does not have access to strawberries and other imported delicacies early in the season.

Eating the first radish from your garden is like hearing the first robin in the spring.


Long after the radishes are done these tiny little carrots will be growing and filling out. I can’t think of anything more delicious than a heritage carrot pulled fresh from the garden, rinsed with the hose and eaten right there on the spot.

The 100 foot diet at work in our backyard. Love the Westcoast life!






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  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    For those of us who don’t really like radishes, rhubarb fulfills the same role. Perhaps you would like a little rhubarb? (I’m trying not to bake it into a pie … a pie that I will eat most of … a pie that is not anywhere near my eating plan.)

    I bet the girls are loving the whole thing!