Our Influence on the Future

Yesterday I attended and live-blogged the BC Liberal Party’s Extraordinary Convention 2011. While at the convention I saw quite a number of people I know through a variety of my incarnations. One little group of people I saw that made me smile was a family I knew from a number of years ago when I was a teacher in a small rural town in the interior of BC.

The fact is, small rural towns can be limiting. There are far fewer (positive) educational opportunities to see or get involved in.

I remember meeting that family many years ago. The father of the young lady that I taught met me at the standard meet-the-teacher thing and told me to make sure his daughter was reading the classics like Steinbeck. (One of my favourite writers, by the by).

Seeing as his daughter was a thirteen year old child I was hesitant to promise too much although I did promise myself to do the best I could.

Yesterday I saw that little girl that I taught many years ago. She is now a gracious and vibrant young lady who is attending university after spending a year in Belgium.

I can only imagine how proud her father and mother must be at their daughter’s accomplishments. I know my heart swelled with pride. I can only hope that the reading I encouraged her to do had some impact on her growth.

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  1. Encouraging the reading – sure! I’m betting the personal relationship that allows you to feel proud of her accomplishments was even more important to her success and interest in the world than anything Steinbeck could offer…. And that is not to denigrate Steinbeck, only to put you and your influence above his.

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