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Me driving along in my car waiting to pass one of those street sweeper-Zamboni-like trucks: “What a stupid waste of time, energy, and money! Why do they bother?!” Me riding my bicycle to work: “What the H-E-double hockey sticks is wrong with the people who run this city?! Why can’t they clean up all this […]

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Burnaby Blooms; Formerly the Rhodo Festival

This is the weekend that the incredibly popular Burnaby Blooms festival will take place. This is the festival formerly known as the Rhododendron Festival, or more affectionately, the Rhodo Fest. The festival has been re-imagined but will once again take place at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. The focal point of the festival will, as […]

Life Musings

The Close the Gate Etiquette

There’s an etiquette, or an expectation, that when traveling in the rural parts of the country and you come across a gate, if you need to go through it, you open it. More importantly though, after going through the gate you’ve opened, you always make a point of closing the gate after you go through […]

In the Kitchen

Baking Bread at the Cabin

I spent time at the family cabin over the Easter weekend and I took advantage of my time there to try making a couple loaves of bread. The first one was a French-style, quick rise bread with yeast and no sourdough. I mixed together the ingredients: water, brown sugar, yeast, and unbleached white flour. I […]

Food and Drink

Breakfast at the Fraser Park Restaurant

I went for breakfast at the Fraser Park Restaurant on Saturday morning. I have mixed feelings about it. The restaurant is well known for massive servings of food with an emphasis on meat. I overhead the guy at the table beside me say, “I prefer quality over quantity,” and well, you certainly do a lot […]

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What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?

It’s everyone’s favorite question to answer. With millions of dollars in the bank, you could do virtually anything you set your mind to. There are but a few things in the world that change the direction of a person’s life more suddenly than having access to near-unlimited finances. Finally unburdened by financial strains, what’s the […]

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Life Musings

Hipster or Grandfather?

Funny thing happened at work the other day; a colleague said that I look like a hipster. I thought that was hilarious because if anything, I am becoming more and more like my dad or my grandfather than anything else. As you probably know, I bake my own bread, often in cast iron pans. My […]