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Building a Better Mousetrap
Getting Outside

Building a Better MouseTrap

I have a problem with mice this year and my regular mouse traps can’t keep up with the number of mice that are trying to take over the cabin so, I built a better mousetrap that embraces the old school technology.

My Christmas Tree
Getting Outside

Tree Falling Epic Fails

This last week I was doing some tree falling – cutting down a small group of bug-killed trees and I once we started recording the action, I had an epic fail. As I may have mentioned before, I have been spending a lot more time on the homestead, AKA the cabin. I go there and […]

Life Musings

Creating Content for my YouTube Channel

Can you imagine in the old days I would post to this blog 3, 4, 5 times a week? Yes, I was committed and I made sure that I was creating content for this blog. My how things have changed. The last time I posted here was March 9th. Almost two months ago. Ugh. What […]

Life Musings

Single Use Plastic

So to clarify the issue around single use plastics, the plastic bags that grocery stores used to give shoppers to pack their groceries in are bad for the environment, but if a shopper buys a box of plastic bags to put their household garbage in before tossing it in the bin, that’s not a problem […]