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Cleveland Dam
On the Road

Capilano Water Reservoir; Cleveland Dam

On the weekend just gone, one of my daughters and I went over to the North Shore and up to the Cleveland Dam – the dam at the end of Capilano Lake that stops the Capilano River thereby creating the Capilano Water Reservoir. The entire area is a pretty spectacular setting. It really is an […]

Life Musings

Better than Banning Plastic

I have heard the Trudeau government is moving ahead with a ban on a wide variety of single use plastic items. Good stuff. However, I have a simple proposal for dealing with all single use plastic that would be much more effective. My proposal? Make retailers responsible for all the plastic they sell or giveaway. […]

Smoked Bread
In the Kitchen

Smoked Bread on the Grill

I put a ball of bread dough on the grill and “smoked” it! I put the dough on the one side of the grill with no direct heat and the foil packages of applewood chips on the other side with heat under them. The heat under the foil packets got them smoking hot – and […]

Raising Empowered Daughters

“Raising Empowered Daughters; A Dad-to-Dad Guide”

There’s an old joke amongst English teachers – as an aside, as a person who teaches English I always feel like correcting the misplaced modifier in that title, after all, people who teach English aren’t always English – but I digress. Back to the old joke. That joke? One English teacher asks another English teacher […]

PNE Mini-Donuts
Food and Drink

Duffin’s Donuts

In honour of National Donut Day, I am reposting this one about Vancouver’s funkiest doughnut shop – Duffin’s Donuts. If I am traveling anywhere remotely close to 41st and Knight Street in Vancouver, I always make a detour to stop at the most eclectic donut shop anyone could imagine; Duffin’s Donuts. Yes, that’s a barbecue […]

McDonald's Fish and Chips
Food and Drink

McDonald’s Fish and Chips

It never fails to amaze me at what I will do for my readers. For example, three times in the last three weeks I have eaten at McDonald’s restaurants. For you. My reader.  That’s three times more in the last three weeks than in the last 20 years! My first visit back to McDonald’s was […]

Levi 501s
Durable Goods

Laundry Day; Washing my Levi 501s

Someone asked me the other day “What happened to those Levi 501s jeans you had that you said you never wash?” As a matter of fact, I do still have those jeans and here’s an update on them. The jeans in the front, the very faded and very worn looking blue jeans are approximately 5 […]

Becoming an Old Man
Life Musings

The Signs of Becoming an Old Man

I recently read a tweet from @theonecrazykid and it got me to thinking – what are the signs that one has become “an old man”? And further, are we provided with an “old man cap” somewhere once we do become an old man? As often happens on Twitter, if you pose a question, serious or […]