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Brisket Pie on the Traeger

I had a couple freezer bags of brisket in the freezer and I had a hankering for some brisket and yet I did not want to have brisket sandwiches. So, why not brisket pie? Yep, brisket pie. I started out with putting the brisket into my stainless bread mixing bowl and added a package of […]

Chicken and Waffles

Brunch at Kook’s Cooks

My foodie daughter and I were hungry for some brunch but we did not want to drive too far. Thankfully there are a number of interesting places in Coquitlam that serve brunch – including the cool little gem known as Kook’s Cooks. So why is it called “Kook’s Cooks”? Because the restaurant is named after […]


Tater Tot Poutine

I saw a tweet about someone making tater tot poutine and so I says to myself I says, “Stacey, there’s no reason you can’t make that!” So I did. I stopped at No-Frills, my local grocery store and picked up a package of gravy mix and a bag of cheese curds. A quick stop at […]

Getting Outside

Lytton Strong

Well, once again the tiny community of Lytton is taking a full frontal assault from nature. Remember in the summer when the Lytton Creek Wildfire destroyed virtually all of the Village of Lytton? And then continued to burn thousands of acres of land around the village? Now it is the opposite of the Heat Dome […]

Ford Maverick
Durable Goods

Ford Maverick Follow Up

Shortly after I posted about the new “compact” Ford Maverick pick up truck, the comments began to roll in. Why get a small truck when you can get a full size truck that can haul massive loads – you know, what if you need to move a huge trailer? Well, over the last 15 years […]

Durable Goods, Getting Outside

Another 5 Dads Go Wild Trip Completed

That’s another year of #5DadsGoWild in the books. Yes, in case you missed the social media buzz created around our annual writers/creators retreat, from Thursday October 14th to Sunday the 17th we were camping in Manning Park, living what can only be described as our best life. While in the past we have had a […]


Smoking a Brisket on the Traeger

As I may have mentioned, earlier this summer I bought a Traeger pellet grill. I did this to benefit my family. Yeah, that’s my story! The reality is, the Traeger is a great addition to our home because while most people think of it as a smoker, it is actually really useful as a convection […]

Life Musings

The Climate Emergency and Our Response

As I have previously mentioned, my hometown of Lytton burned down. Does that not sound weird to say my hometown burn down? Well the truth is that’s what happened. Essentially all of the village including the police station, the ambulance station, the medical clinic, the hospital, the seniors care centre, the two grocery stores, the […]

Black Tusk Knife
Getting Outside

House of Knives to the Rescue

Kids and I are home from a wild weekend at the cabin. Lots of time outdoors. Sunday morning we went for a walk to have a quick visit with our neighbours. On the walk back we encountered a mother bear and two cubs. We yelled and waved our arms in the air, we stood close […]