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Ford Maverick
Durable Goods

The All New Ford Maverick Pick-up Truck

Today Ford released details and images, including videos, of their brand new truck – the Ford Maverick. Full disclosure – I have NOT been paid for, nor compensated in anyway for writing this blog post. These are strictly the musings of a guy interested in this Maverick. This new Ford Maverick truck is a return […]

Doughnut Love

Doughnut Love – Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last Friday I had a sneak peek inside Doughnut Love – a new doughnut/coffee shop and the interior of the shop is as beautiful looking as their doughnuts are beautiful tasting. Clint, the doughnut chef (is that actually a baker?) told me that the plan is to have, along with the regular doughnuts they make, […]


Trimming the Brisket

A couple weekends ago I smoked a beauty of a brisket in my ugly drum smoker. Well the truth is before you can smoke a brisket, there’s a lot of prep to do with the brisket. I had my camera crew (that’s my kids) film me trimming the brisket. It’s basically just me cutting off […]

Ugly Drum Smoker

Victoria Day Weekend; Smoking a Brisket

As my Facebook memories have been reminding me, in a typical year I would have spent the May long weekend at the cabin. With the current travel restrictions in place, I chose not to travel. Instead, I stayed home and cleaned up my Ugly Drum Smoker and smoked a beauty of a brisket. However, as […]

Marlondo Leather
Durable Goods

A New Style of Marlondo Leather Briefcase

Recently the good folks at Marlondo Leather reached out to me and told me that they were prototyping a new style of briefcase – a canvas and leather combo briefcase. And the cool part, they asked me if I was interested in getting one of their prototypes to provide feedback to them. They told me […]

between 2 buns

Between 2 Buns Food Truck

Up until very recently the best burger I had ever eaten was from a little hole in the wall place called Duane’s Ono-Char Burger on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. That is until I tried a burger from an equally unpretentious place – the Between 2 Buns food truck. And when I say the Between […]

Bread Dough

My Canadian Tire Product Review

After every purchase I make at Canadian Tire, no matter how trivial the purchase, they email me asking me to do a product review. So I have decided to up my product review game – see the image below for details of my new product review style. Some might even call it “hard hitting”.

Life Musings

My Cure for Insomnia

Something I haven’t talked about before is the fact that for quite some time I have been suffering experiencing insomnia. This is something I haven’t really talked a lot about. But now I have a cure for insomnia. Every night at almost exactly 3 AM I wake up. Like literally, at 3am I would wake […]

Cooked Black Cod

Air Fryer Black Cod

I didn’t want to let the total failure of my air fryer Blooming Onion stop me from air frying other delicacies. So I decided to go all-in and air fry some Black Cod. And spoiler alert – it was sensational! I carefully dried off the pieces of black cod and then gently applied a dry […]

Crisp Pork Belly

A Crisp Pork Belly Sandwich

I spent time in the Test Kitchen prepping and cooking a beautiful slab of pork belly this Easter weekend just gone. I followed the Jamie Oliver recipe/method and honestly, it turned out exquisitely! I started out by doing like Jamie Oliver suggests, I used a shop/utility knife to score the skin side of the pork. […]