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COVID-19; Techniques to Help Flatten the Curve

With all the talk about whether face masks should be mandatory or not in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, three other important “habits” have been largely ignored or forgotten about. The first thing we can all do is when we are out in the public is KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! You do […]

C Market Coffee

C Market Coffee; Eat Local

In today’s effort to support a local, family owned business my daughter and I visited C Market Coffee for drinks and a couple of sandwiches. My daughter (Blonde Bear) started with the C Market House Made Lemonade. She declared it to be “not overly sweet and as you can see, it is loaded with fresh […]

Brave Star Selvage
Getting Outside

Brave Star Selvedge Denim Update

At the start of the school year that just ended I received a pair of heavy weight Brave Star Selvedge denim jeans. When I say heavy weight , I mean really heavy. For comparison, the unwashed, “shrink to fit” denim jeans I have from Levi’s are about a 12.5 ounce denim. The Brave Star heavy […]

Life Musings

Friday Fodder

As I mature, I often find myself saying things my dad and my grandfather would say. Today someone asked me a question about how long has something been… And instantly in my head I heard my grandfather saying, “it’s been like that since before Christ was a cowboy.” As a kid I would reply, “I […]

Getting Outside

BN3TH Underwear Made my Dream Come True

You know how people talk about “bucket lists” and all the things they want to do before they go for the big dirt-nap? Well one of my bucket list items has always been to be an underwear model. And thanks to the good folks at BN3TH – my dream has come true. Disclosure – BN3TH […]

Pen Holder
Getting Outside

The Handiest Little Device; A Fridge Pen Holder Pouch

I don’t know about your situation, but in our house virtually every morning there has been at LEAST one, usually two, three or more “morning meetings” going on at any one time. And before each meeting the battle cry would sound, “I NEED A PEN OR PENCIL!!” Everyone would begin to scramble to find a […]

Life Musings

More on White Privilege

Following up on Tuesday’s blog post about white privilege, here’s another example of white privilege that should leave you scratching your head. In the past I used to worry about getting stuck with a counterfeit $20 bill. My worry about getting stuck with a counterfeit bill? My worry was that if I tried to spend […]

Life Musings

White Privilege

I was at work awhile ago and for some reason we were talking at lunch about white privilege and a colleague said point blank, “There is no such thing as white privilege. I had to work damn hard to get what I have.” At the time I did not stand up to him and call […]

Easy No Knead Bread

No-Nonsense Sourdough Bread

I have been baking bread for my family for the last couple of years and I have gone through countless bread making tips, techniques, and recipes. I have settled now settled on my own recipe for No-Nonsense Sourdough Bread. It just simply WORKS. Tip – I usually start the bread making process in the evening […]