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Indian Arm
On the Road

A Tour of Indian Arm

A boat trip up Indian Arm from North Vancouver’s Deep Cove or Port Moody’s Rocky Point boat launch is almost as inspiring as a cruise up the BC coast and onto Alaska.

Ugly Drum Smoker
In the Kitchen

My Ugly Drum Smoker Follow-up

I did it. I have managed to finish building, seasoning, and now cooking meat in the Ugly Drum Smoker that I started building earlier this summer. Yes I did. I cooked a set of side ribs and a pile of sausages. The ribs and sausages turned out “okay”. Not great. My results may be more […]

Ugly Drum Smoker
Durable Goods

Building an Ugly Drum Smoker

I want a Big Green Egg barbecue-smoker but I do not have the budget for one. So the next best thing – according to the internets is an Ugly Drum Smoker. A UDS. So I built one. Well, I started to build one. Mine is 90% done. I will work on it some more this […]

News Items

No More Meat at Dixie’s

It’s interesting to me how occasionally the closure or the ending of some things hits me right in the “feels”. An example of this is when Danny Finkelman’s show, Finkelman’s 45s ended on CBC radio. Hit me right in the feels. And then last year, 293 Wallace closed. That restaurant, located in Hope BC – […]

Snack ‘N Snap at Metropolis at Metrotown
Community Events

Snack ‘N Snap at Metropolis at Metrotown

Starting today and running until July 28th 2019 you can Snack ‘N Snap your way through Metropolis at Metrotown’s Grand Court with larger-than-life food art displays, sampling from sweet & savoury snack retailers, pop-up treat carts, Workshop Wednesdays to make your own tasty treats, and contest giveaways. The giant pink donut, 10-foot lollipop tree and […]

Bighorn Sheep
In the Kitchen

Cooking a Chicken Pot Pie Almazan Kitchen Style

My daughter and I love to watch the Almazan Kitchen YouTube videos and she came up with the idea of creating her own “Almazan Kitchen” video. And, she asked me to work on the video project with her. Perhaps the most gratifying thing I have ever heard say in a very long time was when […]

Sourdough Bread
In the Kitchen

Sourdough Bread; We’re Back in Business

If you cast your mind back a couple weeks to mid to late June you may remember we had a little bit of a heat wave. And the combination of that little heat wave and the frenzy associated with the end of the school year made me forget to take care of my sourdough starter. […]

Doppio Zero Pizza
Food and Drink

A Visit to Doppio Zero Pizza

Last week when it was too hot to cook I popped into Doppio Zero Pizza for a quick bite to eat after swim lessons. And … it was a fabulous experience! My kids love watching the pizza chef shaping and stretching the pizza dough and then sliding it into the woodfired pizza oven. We started […]