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Prime Rib Eye Steak

Air Fryer Prime Rib Eye Steak

As I said a month ago, I now have an air fryer in the kitchen and I have really grown to love it. I love it so much that I used it to “air fryer” a prime rib eye steak! Admittedly, the air fryer does not do everything well. I tried making homemade onion rings […]

Get Outside
Getting Outside

Let’s Get Outside; Gear to Pack Along

For those who follow me on social media like Instagram or Twitter, you will know that when I get tired of the city-life, I like to get outside and walk amongst the trees. However, recently I have been reflecting on what I do to be prepared for “getting outside”. The fact is, us folks lucky […]

Air Fryer

The Air Fryer; My Newest Kitchen Gadget

I am still here even though I have not posted anything for way too long. I have been living the COVID-19 dream life – staying home, walking around the neighbourhood, and learning new cooking tricks and techniques for my new AIR FRYER!! After watching my friend Tony Conrad putting together endless delicious looking meals with […]

Chicken Pot Pie

Cooking Chicken Pot Pie Outside

My kids are really into creating ASMR style videos so I agreed to have them film me prepping and cooking a chicken pot pie outside – over a fire in a brick oven that we put together for the day. The recipe I followed is from the Jamie Oliver cookbook, 5 Ingredients. Simple and easy […]

Eggs in cream

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

Arguably, my favourite meal is bacon and eggs. And, I am getting to liking the texture of eggs when I cook them in cream. This time, unlike the last time I tried to cook eggs in cream, I persevered and cooked the eggs sunny side up – in the cream. Same routine, pour the cream […]

Wiggle Chips
Life Musings

The Knowledge Gap

Let me tell you an amusing little story to illustrate a point about a thing I’m calling the Knowledge Gap. Most mornings I leave for work quite early while my wife gets our kids ready for school. She makes them breakfast and packs a lunch for them to take to school. It’s typically a healthy […]


Home Cooking Fondant Potatoes

The other day my daughter was cruising around Pinterest looking at interesting food prep ideas as kids do these days when she came across a video of a guy making Fondant Potatoes. The sort of irreverent way that he narrated the video intrigued her so she watched it and then asked me to watch it […]


Eggs Poached in Cream

On a recent trip to the cabin I tried poaching eggs in cream and the results were pretty darn delicious. I started my breakfast prep by baking a pan of brown sugar bacon in the oven. Then I heated my non-stick skillet to a medium-low temperature before scooping a tablespoon or two of bacon fat […]

Life Musings

Brave Star Selvage Denim Update

A little more than a year ago I received my super-heavy Brave Star Selvege jeans. A pair of jeans made from a 21.5 ounce denim. For perspective, my unwashed “Rigid” denims from Levi’s are made from something like a 12 ounce denim. My Brave Stars are nearly twice as heavy as any of my Levi’s. […]