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More on White Privilege

Following up on Tuesday’s blog post about white privilege, here’s another example of white privilege that should leave you scratching your head. In the past I used to worry about getting stuck with a counterfeit $20 bill. My worry about getting stuck with a counterfeit bill? My worry was that if I tried to spend […]

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White Privilege

I was at work awhile ago and for some reason we were talking at lunch about white privilege and a colleague said point blank, “There is no such thing as white privilege. I had to work damn hard to get what I have.” At the time I did not stand up to him and call […]

Easy No Knead Bread
In the Kitchen

No-Nonsense Sourdough Bread

I have been baking bread for my family for the last couple of years and I have gone through countless bread making tips, techniques, and recipes. I have settled now settled on my own recipe for No-Nonsense Sourdough Bread. It just simply WORKS. Tip – I usually start the bread making process in the evening […]

Taps and Tacos
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There are Consequences For Our Choices

Every decision you make has consequences. Every decision. Some consequences are “good” and some consequences are “bad”. Let me tell you a little story. Warning – it is an awful story and it involves a horrendous death. If you don’t want to read it, skip past the picture of my cat and start reading again […]

Plywood Plank Flooring
Durable Goods

Plywood Plank Flooring Update

Back in September of 2018 I installed a plywood plank flooring in our kitchen and I shared here about it. Well, it is long past due for me to update how the floor has been aging. Well, I am happy to say that … they are still awesome! They have “aged” a little which has […]

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I often hear people saying, “we’ll do…after things get back to normal.” What if what we are doing, or more accurately, what if what we are not doing now is the new normal?

Puff Pastry Ratatouille
In the Kitchen

Jamie Oliver Puff Pastry Ratatouille

Okay, I have to admit – I am running on fumes and I am struggling to find the energy to write anything these days. I have taken to calling every day Blursday because honestly, all the days seems the same. One of the positives from being in this “stay home” situation is that the kids […]

Potato Planter
Growing Food

Building a Growing Potato Planter

With so many people going back to the “Little House on the Prairies” lifestyle and baking bread, I decided to go in another direction and start to grow potatoes for the family. So I built a growing potato planter – in our front yard. I went to my local lumber store and bought the supplies: […]

In the Kitchen

Baking Bread

It seems that baking bread is the thing to do during this current “shelter in place” caused by the Corona virus. Funny thing is, I started baking bread a couple of years ago simply out of curiosity and I’ve been baking two or three loaves a week ever since. Also, I got tired of buying […]