Paradise Sushi New Westminster

Once again I found myself uptown New Westminster at lunch time today. Sushi being my preferred lunch choice when I am working, I decided to pop back into my uptown favourite, Sushi Paradise. My choice was a good one.

Sushi Paradise Lunch
Sushi Paradise Lunch

I was in a hurry so I walked in and ordered Combo D which has a California Roll, a Dynamite Roll and two pieces each of salmon and tuna sushi.

The rolls were delicious. Perfect size for the mouth with a lovely form mouth feel as I bit into them. Very well constructed so that there was no structural failure during my lunch.

The truly outstanding part of the meal was the tuna nigiri sushi. Too many times at too many places I have bit into a piece of tuna sushi and been forced to stuff the entire piece into my mouth because of the thread like things that are in the sushi. Not at Sushi Paradise. Their tuna sushi melted like butter under a little pressure from my teeth. Perfection.

Sushi Paradise lists their daily specials over the counter where you place your order. They also have pictures of their assorted combos above the counter. This makes it easy to order when one is in a hurry.

Another benefit that they offer, one that I have not yet tried, is brown rice sushi. I will have to pop back in and try that before reporting back with my thoughts.

Although Ki Sushi in downtown New West remains my all time New West favourite sushi place, Sushi Paradise is my uptown favourite. They can be found at 780 Princess Street in New Westminster, right on the corner of 8th Street and Princess, across from Moody Park. Phone them at 604 519 9033.