A Parent’s Bucket List

People often talk about a bucket list; those lists of things they want to get done before they “kick the bucket”. People often add stupid crazy or exotic things to their bucket list. They often add things like parachuting out of airplanes or visiting the Amazon or swimming with dolphins. Crazy stuff.

However, as the parent of young children my bucket list is profoundly different than any of those crazy or exotic things that other people may have on their bucket list.

So what would be on my “bucket list”? Well let me tell you.

Bucket List
Ferrari Maranello

The first thing on my bucket list is being able to wake up in my own bed without having a kid wake me up. Waking up when I want, at my leisure.

After waking up I would like to have a fresh pot of coffee sitting on the kitchen counter. Sitting there, waiting for me. I don’t care who makes it. I just want it to magically appear on the counter when I am ready for it.

Waking up and having coffee are neat things to add to my bucket list but there are a couple of really big items on my bucket list.

The first big item on my parenting bucket list is … drumroll please … when my children do wake up I would like them to wake up with a smile on their face and a happy little “good morning Papa.” That first smile is a big one on my bucket list.

Next thing on my bucket list is that when they arrive at the breakfast table, I would like them to exclaim, “Wonderful! You’ve made me a healthy and nutritious breakfast! It looks delicious!” And then to eat it. Without screaming about how it looks like I am trying to poison them. Or that the food is disgusting.

Following them eating their breakfast, I would check off another bucket list item if the kids were able to get their dishes from the table and…gasp…into the dishwasher.

If we want to add another item – getting really wild here – I would like to see my kids get dressed in clothing that is appropriate for the weather and the occasion without screaming about the clothing “being itchy” or being too tight, or too loose or too old or too whatever.

You get the drift. As a parent, my bucket list may be a little more mundane than the dude who wants to ride across the Mojave desert on a Harley Davidson.





3 responses to “A Parent’s Bucket List”

  1. p Avatar

    I love it–your kids sound wonderful–giggle giggle (like everyone elses).

  2. Dee Clarke Avatar

    A parent can dream, right? 🙂

    1. stacey Avatar

      You can dream, if you can get to sleep!