Parkside Brewing and New Restaurants in the Burbs

There are a bunch of new places that have recently opened in the burbs and I need to get to and try out!

Parkside Brewing
Parkside Brewing

Port Moody has become a “go-to” location for craft beer. Parkside Brewing will be the fourth brewery on the strip along Rocky Point and they will be opening up on June 8th-ish.

I snuck inside Parkside Brewing today and I have to say, they are going a step above with this brewery and tasting room. It is AWESOME. The front wall that is papered over in the picture above rolls to the side opening the room up to allow in all the sunshine and a bit of a  view of the North Shore mountains.

Parkside Brewing Tasting Room
Parkside Brewing Tasting Room

The decor inside is also very cool with an emphasis on the classic white porcelain look. It really is a sweet looking room. I am very much looking forward to their opening and will be reporting back on that event.

As for food services at Parkside Brewing, the folks at Parkside Brewing have arranged to have food trucks on site EVERY DAY!! They have some of the big Vancouver trucks in line to serve up food on location – Tacofino, Vij’s food truck and of course my local favourite, Cheese St Grill.

Another place I need to get into, Big Smoke Burger opened up a couple of months ago up on Burnaby Mountain near the SFU campus. I have heard that they have had some growing pains as they settle into their new location but I will be venturing in to see how the burger experience is going with them.

Romer’s Burgers has also recently opened a location out here in the burbs. The Onyx Steakhouse closed up and Romer’s Burgers opened in their location. I was not overwhelmed by my experience at Romer’s Burgers when I visited their Yaletown location but I am ready and willing to see how they are doing out here in the burbs.

Spacca Napoli
Spacca Napoli

And finally, Spacca Napoli has opened in Port Moody next door to my favourite butcher shop, Meat Craft on the corner of St John’s and Moody. I have been trying to get a seat in Spacca Napoli but they open at 4pm and get hammered by customers almost immediately!

A colleague managed to get a seat inside and she reported back that the pizza she had from Spacca Napoli was very good.

As you can see, I have some eating to do out here in the burbs!!