Pedicure Desperately Needed

Why is it that during the summer months when people (like me) tend to go barefoot or in sandals much of the time do our feet get so nasty and grotty?

Nasty Foot
Nasty Foot

I have to admit, I like to go barefoot as much and as often as I can.

When I go out to walk the dog in the yard or around the block I go barefoot. When I am at a park I am barefoot. When I am at the beach, I am barefoot. And when I am not barefoot, I have rubber soled sandals on my feet. As a result, my feet resemble horse hooves more than they resemble human feet.

So I need to go for a pedicure. My question to you; where in the Tri-Cities, New Westminster or Burnaby area do you go for a pedicure? As you can see from my photo, I desperately need to get this work done. Where?



  1. April Nail Spa on Carnarvon, behind New West Skytrain Station. They have awesome massage-y chairs and they don’t talk to you. Win-win.

  2. Pure nail bar. Pinetree village by coquitlam center. Good prices, good pedicures, and two doors away from a Starbucks do you can have a cup of joe AND relax! A winner for me!!

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