Dussa's Ham and Cheese

Perspective is Everything

No end of the year wisdom or “best of” stuff from me. Just a little anecdote on how perspective is so important.

Recently one of of my daughters asked me what kind of ham is my favourite.

I thought for a minute or two – who has a favourite ham? Bit of an odd question – a favourite ham?

So I thought about my favourite “hams” until I remembered a summer trip I took to Austin Texas and a funky little restaurant my bestie and I visited there. And I realized, that I have in fact had a “ham experience” of note.

One of the things we ate there was a plate of ham. It was some kind of French ham and it was much drier than the ham you can typically buy at your local butcher shop or grocery store. Also, to serve it, they put it on a little rotisserie thingy and spin it to slice delicate little pieces off the main piece of ham. A ham experience!

It really had quite extraordinary flavour; the lower moisture content made the flavour that much stronger. And more delicious.

And so I was describing this ham “experience” to my daughter. And then I thought, I should ask her what her favourite ham was.

To which my daughter replied, “ I lie the ham that comes with macaroni and cheese cooked right into. Do you ever wonder how they can make that? It is just so delicious.”

“Ham with macaroni and cheese baked into it” kind of perfectly sums up this blog.

Just remember, your favourite meal doesn’t have to be an exquisite ham experience. It is the meal with the people you love and care about, the meal and food experience that makes you feel good.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and beautiful 2020. Be well.