Photography Framing – Now and Then

Starting in 1988 and continuing into the 1990s I loved taking pictures with my then state of the art Nikon F-801. I loved going out with a camera bag loaded with my variety of Nikon lenses and an assortment of little canisters of 35mm film.

After returning home from whatever exotic location I had traveled to I would head over to ABC Photography on West 4th to drop my film off for developing. If I had shot in black and white I would go up 4th Ave to Action Reprographics. Days later I would return to pick up the contact sheet to decide which specific shot I would be having enlarged.

B&W Cars
B&W Cars


The culmination of my photography days came when I did a series of black and white shots of old cars abandoned in the wilderness. I had the pictures enlarged to approximately 16x20s, framed and displayed for a short time in a local cafe/gallery.

Yep, those were fun days and it is fun to contrast how I did photography then to now.

Now I “shoot” photos with my iPhone and I rarely print the pictures. I simply add them to my ever increasing file of photos in my photostream.


However, during a recent trip back to a spot where I used to go camping with my dad I snapped a picture that I just had to print.

Camping Spot
Camping Spot


To do so I emailed the picture file to Costco and within the hour I received an email reply saying the 8×12 picture was ready for pick up. Even though I had shot the picture with my iPhone I was able to choose a print option to have the picture printed in black and white.

Now I had a beauty of a black and white photo printed. Next step was to figure out where to get picture frames in Canada to put the pictures in so that my dad could hang the picture on his wall.

So instead of just continually adding photos to my computer hard-drive only to be seen when my computer screen saver comes on, I am returning to the glory days of the 1990s and printing and framing my pictures.

Now all I need is more wall space to hang some of the 18,000 pictures I have saved on my hard-drive.






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