The pi-top CEED Tech Specs

pi-top CEED with Keyboard
pi-top CEED with Keyboard

I did a little research into the tech-specs of my new pi-top CEED and here they are:

Raspberry pi 3

  • A 1.2GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53p
  • 4 USB ports
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • Full HDMI port
  • Ethernet port
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth Classic and LE)
  • Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Camera interface (CSI)
  • Display interface (DSI)\
  • Micro SD card slot
  • VideoCore IV 3D graphics core


  • 14” HD LCD screen with eDP interface
  • 1366×768 resolution
  • 2.6W power consumption
  • PWM screen brightness control (available from pi-topOS)
  • 262K colours
  • Anti-glare