Poonami time

Just before I am about to slip out the door to go to live-blog (at www.theleftcoast.ca) the BC Country Music Awards show at the Red Robinson Theatre, I see that Story has had a massive diaper filler, what we “affectionately” call a poonami, and it has breeched the edges of the diaper. So, it is hose down child, pull poo soiled blankies out of her crib, pull off sheet, replace all bedding and put freshly sanitized child back in her crib where she has a massive grin on her face.

I then head out to the theatre to shake many music industry people and musicians’ hands. When I get home I wonder if I had remembered to wash my hands before going out…






One response to “Poonami time”

  1. stacey Avatar

    Many emails to remind of the importance of washing hands…In fact I did wash my hands before leaving the house. And upon returning home. I was joking people.