Port Moody’s Sushi & Roll

Sushi & Roll

We needed a quick snack to tide us over until we got home for dinner so we stopped at Sushi & Roll.

Yep. A sushi joint sandwiched between a hookah shop and a McDonald’s and right across the road from a motorcycle and boat sales shop on the non-descript strip of St Johns between Moody and Thermal.

Sushi & Roll

Decent food. The rolled sushi was tight and smoothly cut while the nigiri sushi had an attractive flair to the presentation but …. the rice had a bit of a crunch to it and you know that feeling when you bite into sushi and when you pull it away from your teeth all that stringy stuff holds on? Yeah.

Sushi & Roll

And even though there was only one other table with people, the server didn’t once offer to refill my tea or check in to see if we needed anything like napkins and chopsticks.

Overall, I rate Sushi & Roll a 3/5. The food was decent enough quality with friendly enough service that I would return to try them again.

  • Two California Rolls and a Salmon-Tuna Combo all for just under $20.
  • I’m not going to recommend yet but I will be returning to try them again.
  • Sushi & Roll is located at 3017 St Johns Street, Port Moody.