Put Your Face on the Train

I just got home from the Vancouver City Centre Station on the Canada Line. Why was I visiting a transit station you ask? Because someone close to my heart was there; Sunny the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Bear was there.

Sunny the Bear
Sunny the Bear

Sunny and his (her?) crew were there handing out little pieces of paper with information about the coolest and most innovative fund-raiser I have seen in quite some time…”Put Your Face on the Train.” In a nutshell, Intransit, the operator of the Canada Line transit system had this cool idea about selling spaces on their trains. So Intransit approached the charities with this campaign idea…more about this later…LOVE this idea. The purpose was to raise funds for a group of charities, one of them being the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

As soon a s I get back to the editorial headquarters of Stacey Robinsmith dotcom I will post more information and pics. For now, if you want to get involved, visit the Put Your Face on the Train website to get started.

You can bet that our twins pic will be one of the pictures on the train, after all, our twins, a high risk pregnancy and all that, were born in the BC Children’s Hospital. How about yours? Get your face on the train!!





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  2. Marcie K. Avatar
    Marcie K.

    wow, what a great idea for fundraising – thanks for sharing with us. We need more innovative ideas like this, a less ‘runs’ or ‘bike tours’ that are so overdone.

  3. Janice Fairley Avatar

    It was great to meet you this morning, Stacey, and thank you for your very kind and supportive words about our Pixel Train Project. I just wanted to say that we are finding that despite how much everybody LOVES this innovative idea and the charities that it supports, there is a bit of a disconnect between intention and action. The only way a REAL Canada Line train will be wrapped with a mosaic of beautiful faces, the only way we can write FAT cheques to our charity partners and the only way we will achieve the Guiness Record for the World’s Largest Piece of Moving Public Art is if you all go to the site, donate to buy a pixel and upload a picture of your face!! Then tell everyone about it! Easy 🙂 !
    Thanks for your support!