Putting up the Christmas Lights and Ladder Safety

Funny how your perspective on life and taking risks will change once you have a couple of little babies you are responsible for. At this time of the year people all over the place are outside in the cold and wet, climbing ladders in order to put up Christmas lights. Now that we live in a house (we’re finally out of the yurt) I am no exception to this yearly ritual.

As I was out front installing the lights I would set up the ladder, climb up and then hook the lights in place from left to right. I would reach out as far as I could, at times I was sticking my left leg out in the air in order to balance myself. All so that I did not have to climb down off the ladder and move it over.

The stupid thing, well the first of many in this situation, was that I only had to climb down five rungs in order to move the ladder so that I could reach the next spot. It took all of 10 seconds to get down, move the ladder and then climb back up. So why did I start to climb down instead of doing the stupid reach? Because I remembered reading that nearly 2000 people are injured every year from falling off ladders…2000 in BC alone! And worse, seven people die each year from falling off ladders. And one more thing, serious injuries due to falls from ladders are most prevalent in the age group 45 to 60. Those are my people!

So as I was putting up the Christmas lights this afternoon I thought of my up-and-down, move the ladder as time I would not have to spend on the stair-master at the gym. And I thought about how much I love to walk and move around with my little princesses and that I would never want to jeopardize that. So be careful on the ladder. Think before you reach.





4 responses to “Putting up the Christmas Lights and Ladder Safety”

  1. Renuka Avatar

    How do your daughters like the lights? I find that I’m visiting this blog almost daily to find out the latest on your adorable princesses!

  2. stacey Avatar

    Just like me, the twins are mesmerized by the lights. We go for walkabouts and they stare with wide-eye wonder at the neighbours lights. Thanks for visiting us here!

  3. caitlyn James Avatar

    An excellent post and reminder to all of us who have loved ones depending on us – and with whom we would like to dance!

  4. Liv Avatar

    thx for this reminder – a lot of the times we forget a small decision (like reaching when we really shouldn’t) could result in a fall or something that might regret. We all love christmas lights but let’s be careful putting them up.