Questions to Ask Before Committing

When people are dating and getting to the point when they’re serious about committing to a lifelong relationship they often begin to ask each other some important questions; it is only logical that they get an understanding of who they are committing to.

Sleeping in Full Make-up
Sleeping in Full Make-up

Sometimes people ask questions about who do you leave the toilet seat up, do you know how to get your dirty socks and underwear into the laundry basket, and other menial things like that.

Another important issue to be discussed is whether they want to have children. Of course that is an important understanding to have BEFORE you commit to marriage.

However, if the answer is “yes” to having children, there are a couple follow-up questions that should be considered.

For example, you should ask, and know the answer to the question; “do you believe that children should sit at a dining room table when they eat.”

This is a serious thing worth considering and knowing the answer to before you commit to a partner.

Along with that question, you may want to ask, “are you okay with letting kids watch television while they are eating.”

These are both important questions to know the answer to before committing to a partner. Of course there are other questions that you should know the answer to, but these are two of the big ones.

Are there any other really pressing questions that you think should be asked before committing to another person?