The Skinny on Entering Contests on Stacey Robinsmith dot com

There are a number of forms that the contests that we run can take. First, there are “Comment-based contests.” Here is a brief description of both types of contests; 

Comment-based contests

  • When entering a comment-based contest of mine, please make sure that your comment adds to the conversation and is meaningful. Often, I will request that you share a story or answer a question.
  • Example: The last time I saw live music was Adam Woodall Band in North Vancouver. They were awesome! I would recommend that you check them out

Multiple entry contests (Twitter & comment-based)

  • These contests usually involve dropping a [meaningful] comment on the contest post to gain an entry, and to gain an additional entry, to tweet something to the tune of “I want to win [Promotional Item].”
  • Often times, folks will retweet my blog post. I frequently include those retweets when accounting for entries. However, I am not a fan of retweeting contests, so when running multiple entry contests, I try to craft the additional entry tweet in such a way that it adds to the conversation.
  • Sample additional Twitter entry: I would like to win a pair of tickets to “Spelling Bee” #Back2School. Learn more about Spelling Bee here:

Quick-and-dirty rules of entering my contests

  • I will contact you by email, unless there is a way to contact you via Twitter.
  • You have 24 hours to contact me and let me know if you can make use of the product/tickets/passes.
  • If you can’t redeem the giveaway, or if I don’t hear from you within 24 hours of drawing the winner, I will re-draw a winner until I can find a winner (or declare the contest deserted!)

Should you choose to do so, contest participants can earn an additional entry by posting a tweet as mentioned before. This is totally up to you, of course.


  1. This is my entry for the free stuff:

    Every single time I have tried to catch the Nitty Dirt Band something seems to come up. I am downright disturbed…and really need to win this thingme because free is awesome, and I won’t miss out.

    I believe Bing Crosby is still in the band and one of the drummers from Dave Bruebeck’s group. I think his name is Joe or Ahmid….something like that…

    When I win can you send along some gas money for the drive to the boonies?
    I dropped out of twitter ( no body could make sense of my twits) so email me.

    Thanx a ton

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