Quick and Easy Freezer Fries

I found a very cool blog called Super Healthy Kids and today here is a nifty idea for batch prepping freezer fries that not only saves you time for meal prep but also helps you keep your potatoes from going bad before you use them.

Here is an excerpt from that blog:

My favorite shortcut is batch cooking (or in this case, batch cutting/prepping).  When I buy potatoes, it’s usually 10-20lbs worth. Sometimes we get through all of them before they start sprouting or growing mold, but not always.  One of the hangups I have that prevents me from using our potatoes more often is peeling and chopping.  So, instead- when I decide to have french fries for dinner one night, I won’t stop with the potatoes for that meal.  I will keep peeling and chopping until I have at least 5-10 nights worth of potatoes. Not only does this make it super convenient for future nights, it only takes a few extra minutes and it’s loads cheaper than purchasing a bag of premade frozen potatoes from the grocery store.

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