The Quicker Way to Getaway

I have the bug again. The bug to travel. However, the problem with getting the bug to travel when you have a family of four is that it is ridiculously expensive to get in the air and off to an exotic location like Kauai (my favourite Hawaiian Island getaway location).

So when my good buddy Paulie told me that he was flying to Montreal next week and taking his son with him, I had to wonder how he was paying for the second flight.

And then another friend was posting on Faceplant about his travels to Egypt and New Orleans and Niagara Falls and their future plans to other destinations and I just had to wonder, how are these regular working stiffs able to travel so much more than me and my family?

The answer really surprised me – they are using the Aeroplan credit card to collect and “pay” for their travels!

So instead of me going out and getting another job, I am going to get a new credit card. I am considering the new card so that I can collect travel points to get the family back on the road. Or more accurately, back in the air.