Rabbit; Free to Good Home

While I was out walking Jim Dog the other day I saw one of my neighbours had put a chest of drawers out on the curb with a sign on it saying “Free to good home.” That sign made me think back to a story my good buddy told me about his father’s first few years in Canada.

My buddy’s father had moved from France to Victoria, BC sometime in the 1950’s and he quickly adjusted to the BC way of life. He bought himself a Triumph 21 motorcycle that he would tour around the southern part of Vancouver Island on.

One day while riding along he saw a sign on a gate post that said, “Rabbit; free to good home.” Being a lover of rabbits, he wheeled that old Triumph into the driveway and took that rabbit home.

A week later he was out riding in the same area and he saw the same sign. Once again he wheels in. The people come out all full of smiles to greet him and hand him another cute bunny. Then they asked how the first rabbit was doing.

To which he replied in his very charming French accent, “It was very delicious.” At which point they gasped in horror, grabbed the bunny out of his hands and told him to get out of their yard.