Raising children; an elaborate hazing ritual?

Okay, the joke is over…is there some great elaborate conspiracy that is working against me on this getting kids to sleep thing? I am starting to believe that this sleep/no sleep deal is a hazing ritual organized by some superior life force.

And then Story has discovered the stairs. She loves climbing up the stairs, she will get up three or four steps and then look around behind her. And just like the USA in Iraq, she has no exit strategy. Let the wailing begin…

And finally, we are still working on the site refresh. We have finished the extreme makeover of our brother site, www.theleftcoast.ca . Great big thanks to the technical wizardry at the www.vcit.ca . People often mistakenly assume I am a tech-guy because I blog. The reality is that I am an observer of life and I make notes about it. That is why I rely on the good people around me…like the peeps at www.vcit.ca.