Random Observations and Thoughts

Some random thoughts and observations for this morning; first, if you want to hire a Risk Management specialist, hire a mom or dad. One friend I have known for many years is a risk management specialist for a multinational corporation. At first I could not understand how he was qualified for the job. Now I understand.

As a new parent you are doing “risk management” at all times. You enter a room or building with your little ones and you have to do an instantaneous assessment of the risks and how they can be managed. My friend is a father of two kids who are now well into their teen years. Obviously he knows how to assess and manage risk. After all, his kids are basically good kids who survived from infanthood (is that a real word?) on through the the toddler years and on up. He is qualified to manage risk.

On another note, we have started to interview people for the job of live-in nanny. Yesterday we had a candidate come for an interview after we had emailed and had a number of phone conversations with them. This is to make sure it was worth ours, and their time to meet. Essentially, are we all looking for the same thing.

She arrives and states that she is not available Monday to Friday AND she cannot be a live-in nanny. We asked why she could not be a live-in and she replied that she had to be at home to cook dinner for her son. My sweetheart asks, “How old is your little boy?” Her reply; “34.”

My response was perhaps a little curt, “Okay, buh-bye.”