Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop – Burnaby

This morning, rather than crossing the street to go to my usual big chain coffee shop I took a chance on an independent coffee/sandwich shop. It was a good choice.

The owner/operator of Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop welcomed me to the cafe and explained the breakfast menu, answered my questions about his business and prepared my ham and egg breakfast sandwich.

When I arrive early for school I sometimes pop into the big green mermaid coffee shop and will occasionally have the roasted egg and ham breakfast sandwich ($4.75) with a cup of coffee ($2).

At Raw Cuts the breakfast sandwich comes with a good quality cup of coffee. For $4 I got my breakfast sandwich AND a good cup of coffee! It was very good value and tasty.

My only complaint is that the breakfast sandwich at Raw Cuts was on a Wonderbread bun. Seriously, there is a small bakery just up the block and this restaurant would be well served by charging a little more for the sandwich and going up the block to get better quality bread.

Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop os located on the corner of 6th Street and 10th Ave – on the north-west corner of that intersection. It is a tough spot to stop if you are travelling by car but I will definitely be returning to Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop.