Boat and Tool Rentals 

About a month ago, before my guts fell out and I had to be hospitalized for just over a week, I decided to trim the final holly hedge at my mother’s house in Burnaby.

tool rentals

While a holly hedge is a thing of beauty to some, it can be a beast to trim. And if you do not trim a holly hedge every year, it gets BIG very quickly.

So I TRY to commit to trimming the hedge every year. Last year didn’t work out so well for the hedge and me but this year, I managed to get all three hedges done – front and east side of the yard and now finally the west side of the yard.

tool rentals

One thing that I have accepted is the advice that my boat-loving buddy has given me – rent your tools!

It took a while for my boat-loving buddy to learn this lesson. In the past he was always trying to buy a boat. But he could never afford a boat that fulfilled his boating dreams. He was always settling for a boat that was too small for what he wanted to do or too old to be reliable.

And then he discovered boat rentals. Now for the two weeks of the year that he wants to go boating he rents the boat of his dreams.

No longer did he have a broken down or tarped over boat sitting in his driveway that irritated him every time he pulled into or left his home.

The same goes for me and the hedge trimmer. Instead of me buying a top quality hedge trimmer for close to $1000, I simply rent the hedge trimmer for a day. I go to my local tool rental place and for $75 I get a trimmer that is sharp, well-tuned, gassed up, and ready to go on the first pull of the starter cord. Bam.

tool rental

And at the end of the day of hedge trimming work, I simply take the hedge trimmer back to the tool rental shop and let them clean it up and take care of it for the rest of the year until I need it again.

Tool rentals. Like boat rentals, it is a good idea.