A Rethink on the Southern Girl Soapery Smokehouse

Some time ago I wrote about the Southern Girl Soapery Smokehouse (smoke and bacon scented) shave soap. At the time I was pretty clear in the fact that I found the soap to be all smoke and no bacon and that I would not be purchasing more.

That being said about the scent of the shave soap, at the time I did neglect to write about the actual performance of the shave soap. So today I pulled the Southern Girl Soapery Smokehouse off the shelf of the shave den and gave it another shot.


The good news, the soap lathers up beautifully and adheres to the beard admirably. I mean this in the most flattering way when I say that the soap lathers and develops a rich and creamy lather like sour cream and feels cool and soothing when applied to the beard.

The soap grabs onto the beard and does not melt or wither during the shave process. The lather is slick and lets the razor glide across the beard admirably.

As the razor plows through the shave soap tiny berms of lather and facial beard pile up in front of the razor like the roll of snow in front of a tiny snow plow.

Yes, the scent is a very strong smoke scent; I test the scent by asking my little ones what scent they can detect after my shave. After using the Smokehouse they always say “CAMP FIRE!”.

Although the scent is too much smoke, the fact is, the performance of the shave soap is excellent and I am considering the purchase of another Southern Girl Soapery shave soap.