Robinsmith Family Vacation Kauai; Day One

We left home this morning at about 10am. Although the sign on the highway before the 176th Street exit said that entry to the USA would take an hour, within thirty minutes we were south of the border.

First stop was Bellis Fair Mall where we found that kid shoes are approximately the same price aas they are in the Superstore in Burnaby.

Next up was the Best Western Heritage Plus. Although we made a reservation back in May 2011 for a room with two double beds they had no record of such a transaction. Once my Sweetheart pulled out the printed confirmation they managed to find a room for us. With one king size bed.

Back to the Best Western command centre and all smiles and apologies. We were set-up in a lovely room close to the cookie supply centre.

Best Western Bellingham
Best Western Bellingham

We will be sleeping here in Bellingham for a few hours and then off to the park-and-fly at the Bellingham airport. Flight departure time is 7am.

From there we will be flying to Seattle. From Seattle it is on to Kauai.

Batteries on iPads and Macbook fully charged. We are as ready as we will ever be.



  1. This is a rather convoluted way to Hawaii, isn’t it? Would it have been cheaper to take one of those shuttles to Seatac from Vancouver and skip the Bellingham stay plus one short commuter flight?

  2. Ah, it’s all an adventure.

    Michael, after our epic journey to NYC a couple of summers ago we decided that flying out of Seattle didn’t really save us any money … maybe $60 – for 2 of us!

    Adding Park ‘n’ Ride and gas to the discounted flight seemed like a good plan. We organized to fly later in the day so we could drive directly to Seattle and flew in on our way back with plenty of time to get home the same day. BUT… we didn’t want to chance the border traffic being bad so we left extra early: add 2 meals. Then, there was time to kill: add snacks and a couple of impulse purchases. Tipping the helpful people at the Park ‘n’ Ride was the right thing to do – the guy was super helpful, but +$. Then, a stopover that cost us airport meals and a magazine.

    Direct flight from Vancouver were about $100 more each than going out of Seattle. Was it worth it? Not in $$. But it was an adventure – and when will I see the airport in Cleveland every again?!

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