Rod’s Kitchen and Grill

Rod’s Kitchen and Grill is one of those places that I frequently drive by and think about trying but is unfortunately always closed when I am travelling through the neighbourhood.

The reality is that Rod’s Kitchen and Grill is open during business hours to serve the nearby working people or Skytrain commuters.

So this being my spring break, plus the fact that I was too early to get into Costco, I seized the opportunity to give them a try.

Rod's Kitchen and Grill
Traditional Breakfast

It was a good experience. A good, simple breakfast; a couple of eggs cooked to a perfect over easy, cubed potatoes, a couple strips of bacon (I would have preferred them to be cooked a little more crispy) and toast. For $5 you can’t ask for much more.

If it is open and I am looking for a decent breakfast, I would definitely stop in and eat at Rod’s Kitchen and Grill again.